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About tongda electronics


Tongda electronics

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Tongda electronics
Tongda electronics

        Zhenjiang tongda electronics co., LTD is located in zhenjiang, jiangsu province dantu district private industrial park,The environment is exquisite、The transportation is convenient。The company covers an area of26680Square meters,Employees380More than one,The engineering and technical personnel57People。The company was founded in1989Years。2002Years passedISO9001Quality management system certification(SGS),All raw materials and products are accord with the European UnionROHSEnvironmental requirements。2005Private technology enterprises in jiangsu province,In the same year and access to the national independent innovation、The industrialization of achievement of support fund,And medium-sized enterprises using knowledge product award of jiangsu province。2018Years passedTS16949System certification and auto industryISO14000Environment system certification。

        Company with“Science and technology、The sustainable development、Constant innovation、Build electronic products well-known brands in China、Let customer satisfaction”For the development of ideas。Two bits of a set up four departments:There isRFThe connector、Cable components manufacturing division、Coaxial lightning arrester division、Zinc alloy die casting business、As well as passive components division“Rf coaxial connector engineering technology research center in jiangsu province”And“Tongda electronic intellectual property office”Two major sections……

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Tongda electronics
Tongda electronics
Aspects of Chinese rf coaxial connector market
The electrical connection in the rf coaxial connector as an important component,Among various kinds of electronic equipment、The instrument、Electronic information system plays an important role。
My company general manager in Hitachi
I go to Hitachi inspection company general manager,The study on new product design with Hitachi for further communication。In order to make a design more in line with the requirements of customers of the products,Tongda electronics will continue to work and perfect。
The joint venture company for the opening
The joint venture company opening after years with FranceCITELCompany a good cooperation,The two sides to further expand the market,Decided to set up joint venture,On the one hand can beCITELThe product research and development of the company、Production、Sales of localization,On the other hand also can expand the eu market for our products provides the convenience。  2005Years11Month18Day,My company with FranceCITELCompany is a joint venture to create Jiang Xidai er tongda technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of town officially unveiled the plaque for the opening。
Warm congratulations on the company website redesign!
Warm congratulations on the company website redesign!


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