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     Heng gas co., LTD is located in laiwu city in shandong hinterland,Taishan mountain and laiwu city hi-tech development zone,Its predecessor is the laiwu city acetylene gas factory,Was built in1988Years,2004Years after the enterprise restructuring,From xiguan moved to high and new technology development zone。Company specializing in the production of various kinds of industrial gases and various types of laboratory gas,The main products are acetylene gas、Carbon dioxide、Argon gas、Oxygen、Nitrogen、Metal welding gas、Propane and all kinds of high purity gases,Laiwu city and surrounding cities is manufacturer of gas most complete varieties。The company advanced detection equipment,Detection means complete,All products meet the national standards

    Relying on high-quality product quality and good business reputation,The company is absorbed by the Chinese association of industrial gas for the member unit。

Our company has obtained qualification on dangerous chemicals transport...[10Month24Day]
My company《Cylinder filling permit》...[10Month18Day]
My company《Registration of dangerous chemicals production units》...[10Month18Day]
My company is completed hazardous chemicals registration work...[7Month16Day]
Hydrogen gas
Metal welding gas
Carbon dioxide
Argon gas
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