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      D in the chemical fiber co., LTD., mainly engaged in nylon66Series product research and development、Production and sales,In2015The approved registered in henan hebi founded。Company strength is abundant,The registered capital3One hundred million yuan,Is by the Shanghai venture investment co., LTD、Shanghai qiao gold investment center、Qi County crane q investment co., LTD. Jointly invest to build mixed ownership enterprise。

     United Germany's Obama's professional and technical personnel,In conjunction with the domestic authoritative experts in the field of chemical fiber,In the field of domestic nylon fiber,Take the lead in research and development and control of polyamide fiber66Spinning technology 8Head spinning technology,Patent and has requested to the national industry.......

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We will provide a development platform,Look forward to you be in d,Together to create a vibrant team...​
D the latest information and industry information quickly understand,Together with you toward a new level...
Now the dimension is on the rise,A whole new dimension to usher in a new challenge and development...
Determines the development of the enterprise to enterprise culture,Is the motivation and source of enterprise progress...
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