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Xingyang Hugo e-commerce co., LTD is engaged in the study of pomegranate、Development、Promotion、Service and one agricultural enterprises,We have a river YinPomegranate base500m,High quality“Yin river”Pomegranate seedlingsBreeding base60m
It has advantage of brand
Yin pomegranate well-known national river,Is the specialty of the original river Yin county name,There is“Royal tribute、History: a、Zhongzhou there”A reputation。In recent years,Xingyang city、The city government to make the specialty,Take high-tech cultivation method,Highlight the special quality of the river Yin pomegranate,Be xingyangOne of the characteristic brand
Provide technical guidance
We would like to cooperate with the national people develop the pomegranate resources,Provide technical guidance and fruit seedlings recycling service。The unique pomegranate products has become a popular fruit in the domestic market,Welcome all over the country to visit our field trip,Cooperation and development
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Company strength is abundant
Provide technical guidance
Welcome all over the country to visit our field trip
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Cooperation projects:Pomegranate hello everybod,We are a company in henan,We cooperate with xingyang Hugo project is pomegranate,Chose xingyang Hugo,Because they is one specialized is engaged in the research and development of pomegranate to promote enterprise,And it has500Acres of pomegranate base,So choose Xing…
Brand advantage We rest assured
Cooperation projects:Pomegranate trees hello everybod,I am zhengzhou company,We cooperate with xingyang Hugo project is pomegranate tree,We are from xingyang Hugo to buy saplings,Because of xingyang Hugo adopts high-tech method of cultivation,Highlight the special quality of the pomegranate tree seedlings,And…
Provide free technical guidance We do not have trouble back at home
Cooperation projects:The pomegranate tree hello everybod,We are a company of luoyang,Chose to work with xingyang Hugo,Because heard that late free technical know xingyang Hugo,This solved the trouble back at home for us,Cooperation down,Xingyang Hugo commitment not really white said…
Timely after-sales service Our cooperation is very happy
Cooperation projects:Pomegranate hello everybod,We are a company of kaifeng,We cooperate with xingyang Hugo project is pomegranate,We all buy from xingyang Hugo of pomegranate,Because of concerns about after-sales,So when selecting a company is also considering a lot of home,But since and xingyang Hugo…

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Xingyang Hugo e-commerce co., LTD
A:Company profile: Xingyang Hugo co., LTD. Is located in the electronic commerce“The hometown of river Yin pomegranate”Henan xingyang high village township liu ditch River Yin pomegranate base。Is engaged in the pomegranate research、Development、Promotion、Service agricultural leading enterprises,We have a river Yin pomegranate base500m,High quality“Yin river”Pomegranate seedling cultivation base60m,River Yin pomegranate are the ultimate in pomegranate varieties,River Yin soft pomegranate seed,Yin sweet pomegranate red river,River Yin to light sweet pomegranate,River Yin iron garnet,River Yin copper pomegranate,Tunisia soft slag varieties such as pomegranate and products sell well both at home and abroad。 Yin pomegranate well-known national river,It is……

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Electronic commerce co., LTD is mainly engaged in henan xingyang Hugo pomegranate,Henan pomegranate trees,Henan pomegranate tree,Xingyang pomegranate wholesale Of the product,Welcome to come to consult!

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